8am ET: Morning Stretch

Morning stretching is important for your body to kick-start your energy levels and help circulation. Morning stretching can provide you with the best start to the day, as it increases flexibility in muscles and joints and improves circulation. This class will incorporate dynamic stretching, which are controlled movements that improve mobility while moving through a range of motion.

12pm ET: Cuts & Tunes 

Choreographed cardio fitness routines that incorporate cardio, strength and toning.  Put more fun in your workout with easy to follow moves for a total body workout.

6pm ET: Latin Vibes

In this Cardio Dance class we’ll experience the beats & music of different Latin cultures. A super fun dance-based workout. United we dance, one step at a time.

9pm ET: Moonlighting Cool Down

Relaxing evening stretch class. After sitting around your work-at-home office or just being a couch potato, you need to stretch and unwind to get a good night’s sleep.

Only on …

📌10 per class  📌$25 unlimited weekly classes  📌$80 unlimited monthly classes.

More info:

Stay Safe, Stay at Home. We Support and Thank all Essential Workers.

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