Speakeasy & Distilleries …. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Escape To 🇵🇷Puerto Rico this December!


(Asalto Navideño)

DEC. 8 – 12, 2022

5 Days / 4 Nights
Thursday – Monday

Join X in Motion on our signature trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico!  This December we’re celebrating the Holiday Season  the Puerto Rican way! That means PARTY!  (Parranda!) That means CHRISTMAS ASSAULT! (Asalto Navideño!)

No Passport Required!



The Christmas Assault is a seasonal party that’s a Puerto Rican music tradition – think Christmas carols, but the songs are not religious, and the singing takes place late at night into the wee hours of the morning. We’ll go with the locals to visit friends and family, waking them up to traditional parranda songs, and sharing music, food and drinks!


Day 1.

THURSDAY, Dec. 8th

🙌🏼 🗺 Day #1 – Getting acclimated

▪️🥯☕️ Welcome Brunch

Raices Urbano, Calle Loíza

▪️🗺 🧭Get to know your ‘hood

Walking tour starting from Calle Loíza to Ocean Park & Miramar

🤫 Speakeasy Bar Crawl🥃 & Local Cuisine

▪️🤫🥃1st Speakeasy Ice Breaker

Bar La Unidad

(cool spot behind a gas station in San Juan)

▪️🤫🥃2nd Speakeasy

La Factoría

(signatures cocktails & light bites at one of the top bars in the world, in Old San Juan)

▪️3rd Speakeasy

El Bar Bero

(an old barber shop on Calle Loíza in Santurce. Relax, get a drink, some food & a cut) (🤣jk)

▪️💃 Salsa Dancing

Let’s Dance!  After Party Santurce –

Piso Viejo, Calle Loiza 1917

(live salsa band and Latin dancing)


Day 2

FRIDAY, Dec. 9th

🗺🧭 Day #2 – Adventure & Discovery

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch

Ocean Park & Condado

▪️🥃 🦇 Visit the Bacardi Distillery

▪️⛴🌊 Ferry to the Old San Juan

▪️🍱🧋🥪 Brunch in the Old San Juan

🗺🧭 Explore The Old San Juan

Princess Pathway, El Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal, San Sebastián

▪️🍍🍹Piña Colada Stop

Cool off with a signature Piña Colada at Barrachina

▪️🛀🏝😎 Relax and unwind at The Dream Inn

▪️ 🍗🍷🍱 Dinner at spot of your choice

▪️ 🥃 Santurce es Ley Street Party

Day 3

SATURDAY, Dec. 10th

Day #3 – All Day Adventure Day

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch


▪️ 🗺🧭  SANTURCE es Ley!

Join us for an All Day Adventure!  Put on your walking shoes . . .

Starting from Ocean Park, Calle Loíza, La Placita, Santurce & street art, Calle Cerra to Distrito T-Mobile, a sprawling entertainment center.  Brunch along the way.  Then walk through Condado, maybe a quick swim at La Ocho Beach or jump the bridge, and back to Ocean Park to the hotel.

▪️🍗🥃🥘 Dinner at Asere@ 7:30pm

La Placita, Santurce

▪️🥃🪩 La Placita party in the street!

▪️💃🪘 Xmas Assault (Asalta Navideño) & Local After-Parties

Day 4

SUNDAY, Dec. 11th

Day #4 – Sunday Funday / Beach Hopping

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch

Las Marias

▪️ 🏝 Visit Isla Verde Beach

▪️🥟🚲 🏝 Head to Piñones. Explore the Piñones Trail and relax on the beach

Nighttime at Distrito T-Mobile

▪️🍗🥃🥘 Dinner at Sazon Cocina Criolla

▪️🍦 Dessert at Dulcinea (ice cream and churros!)

Day 5

MONDAY, Dec. 12th

Day #5 – Last Day!

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch

Ocean Park

▪️🏝 Beach / relax

Adios – hasta la vista, baby!

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