Puerto Rico

Asalto Navideño

(Christmas Assault)

DEC. 8-12th, 2022

5 Days  & 4 Nights
Thursday – Monday

Join X in Motion in San Juan this December as we celebrate the Holiday Season the Puerto Rican way! That means PARTY! That means CHRISTMAS ASSAULT!

Day 1.

THURSDAY, Dec. 8th

🙌🏼 🗺 Day #1 – Getting acclimated

▪️🥯☕️ Welcome Brunch

Raices Urbano, Calle Loíza

▪️🗺 🧭Get to know your ‘hood

Walking tour starting from Calle Loíza to Ocean Park & Miramar

🤫 Speakeasy Bar Crawl🥃 & Local Cuisine

▪️🤫🥃1st Speakeasy Ice Breaker

Bar La Unidad

(cool spot behind a gas station in San Juan)

▪️🤫🥃2nd Speakeasy

La Factoría

(signatures cocktails & light bites at one of the top bars in the world, in Old San Juan)

▪️🤫🥃3rd Speakeasy

El Bar Bero

(an old barber shop on Calle Loíza in Santurce. Relax, get a drink, some food & a cut) (🤣jk)

▪️💃 Salsa Dancing

Let’s Dance!  After Party Santurce –

Piso Viejo, Calle Loiza 1917

(live salsa band and Latin dancing)


Day 2

FRIDAY, Dec. 9th

🗺🧭 Day #2 – Adventure & Discovery

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch

Ocean Park & Condado

▪️🥃 🦇 Visit the Bacardi Distillery

▪️⛴🌊 Ferry to the Old San Juan

▪️🍱🧋🥪 Brunch in the Old San Juan

🗺🧭 Explore The Old San Juan

Princess Pathway, El Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal, San Sebastián

▪️🍍🍹Piña Colada Stop

Cool off with a signature Piña Colada at Barrachina

▪️🛀🏝😎 Relax and unwind at The Dream Inn

▪️ 🍗🍷🍱 Dinner at spot of your choice

▪️ 🥃 Santurce es Ley Street Party

Day 3

SATURDAY, Dec. 10th

Day #3 – All Day Adventure Day

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch


▪️ 🗺🧭  SANTURCE es Ley!

Join us for an All Day Adventure!  Put on your walking shoes . . .

Starting from Ocean Park, Calle Loíza, La Placita, Santurce & street art, Calle Cerra to Distrito T-Mobile, a sprawling entertainment center.  Brunch along the way.  Then walk through Condado, maybe a quick swim at La Ocho Beach or jump the bridge, and back to Ocean Park to the hotel.

▪️🍗🥃🥘 Dinner at Asere @ 7:30pm

La Placita, Santurce

▪️🥃🪩 La Placita party in the street!

▪️💃🪘 Xmas Assault (Asalta Navideño) & Local After-Parties

Day 4

SUNDAY, Dec. 11th

Day #4 – Sunday Funday / Beach Hopping

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch

Las Marias

▪️ 🏝 Visit Isla Verde Beach

▪️🥟🚲 🏝 Head to Piñones. Explore the Piñones Trail and relax on the beach

Nighttime at Distrito T-Mobile

▪️🍗🥃🥘 Dinner at Sazon Cocina Criolla

▪️🍦 Dessert at Dulcinea (ice cream and churros!)

Day 5

MONDAY, Dec. 12th

Day #5 – Last Day!

▪️🌅 Morning Walk & Stretch

Ocean Park

▪️🏝 Beach / relax

Adios – hasta la vista, baby!

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